Demo 2 – Sample Popups

No Close Button

By default, every Popup displays a close button in the top-right corner. In the section settings, you can choose not to display that button.

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Dark Background

You can customize the built-in close button in two ways: You can remove the background rectangle and only display the close Icon, and you can invert the colors to make the button look nice on dark backgrounds. This demo applies both changes.

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Modal Popup

A modal Popup cannot be closed “accidentally”: It ignores any click that is outside the Popup. You need to close the Popup via the Close Button (or the Escape-Key).

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Custom Close Button

You can even create your own Close Button and hide the default one. This is simple, as you only need to add the CSS class “close” to any button/link inside the Popup. The element will be turned into a Close Button.

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Sample Opt-In Form

In this example, we use a two-column layout inside the Popup: The left column displays an image module, and on the right side contains an email opt-in module.

We’ve also applied some styles to the section – like dark background color, a maximum width of 1080 pixels, and some other changes.

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